What is a Backlink and the best ways to build a Backlink with 2020 updates

Whether you are new or an expert in the world of SEO, I offer you a comprehensive guide to understand and best ways to build a strong backlink that has an effective impact on the ranking of your site in the search results in 2020 updates.

Very briefly: your understanding and application of all the contents of this guide will assist you in reaching the results you wish for at the top of the search engines.

The basics of building a backlink

In this section, we will cover all the basics of Paklink, we will learn together what is Pak Lake, what is its importance, why my site needs it and its effect on SEO at the present time.

What is Backlink?

Backlink is the link to your site located in other external sites, it is called Backlink because it supports your site, because search engines consider backlinks as a strong indication of the strength of your site and the value of the content that your site provides.

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Backlink is your site links on other website pages

So, based on the strength and abundance of the backlinks that your site gets, search engines like Google and so on raise your site’s ranking in search engines, which makes your site more famous and gets more targeted visitors, and therefore the large number of visitors and fame means more profit whatever your activity is (my information – my services – commercial).

How important is Backlink?

As I mentioned, according to the algorithms of the search engines that rank sites in the search results, the Paklink is a strong indication that this site is the owner of the best content, so you rank it in the first search results so that the researcher can easily reach him.

Search engines all they care about is to provide the best possible service to their users, so they always develop their software (algorithms) so that these algorithms arrange search results according to preference. And the preference here has more than 200 methods that we call in the world of SEO Rank Factors.

Backlink is considered to be the second most important medium issued to search engines in the list of means issued by search engines (Rank Factors) after the quality of the content and before the Rank Brain.

So the more sites that refer to you by placing your backlink link on a page on its site, the higher your site’s ranking will be in search engines.

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And the use of search algorithms for Backlink is not new, as Google used to build a Page Rank based on the number of Backlinks leading to this page on your site.

Despite the periodic changes and updates that Google engineers make to update logarithms. Backlink links remain the first and best way to export search engines. And Google announced that officially by one of its engineers, where it stated that the content and the Backlink and Rank Brain are the most important means to evaluate the site and raise its ranking in search engines.

So the question here is: How do I get a backlink ? How do I make other sites refer to my site by putting my site link in its pages? Do not rush, every word in this guide has its value. You will discover it for yourself.

Let’s move on to the second section.

Types of Backlink and how to know the strength and impact of Backlink

There is a link that can make a small difference, there is a link, that can make a very big difference, noticeable in the ranking of your site, and there is a link that could harm your site. So I wrote this section to be able to see which backlink of these types you have to build.

The strong and influential Backlink qualities

Not all backlinks are equal, so if you want to build a backlink for your site, you should pay more attention to the powerful backlinks that will raise your site’s ranking to the first page, especially if the competition in your field is very strong.

In a very, very brief way: Backlink One is strong and of high quality better than one hundred thousand Pak Link is weak and of no quality. So you first need to know how you can find valuable opportunities to build the best quality backlink.

With deep research, evaluation, and experience, it turns out that the powerful Backlinks all share five constant attributes.

First Class: Backlink is a very popular and powerful website

In your opinion, Backlink is from a site that has a reputation and strength, and it has a high profile and has a large number of reliable visitors. Better or backlink from a new site and nobody knows anything about it?

Of course you will choose the most popular site with a respectable and reliable number of visitors and always have a high authority … right choice. You are not alone in thinking this way. This is how developers thought of search engine logarithms.

The importance and power of the sites that support you through the PAC Link lies in the fact that this Backlink passes the power and authorization of the site to your site through this link that it has placed in its content.

The second characteristic: Backlink Anchor Text with the targeted keyword (text link)

The second adjective, which shows the quality of the Backlink is not to be just a link .. but to be associated with the keyword and here comes the role of Anchor Text.

Anchor Text is simply that the keyword be clickable because it is supported by an invisible link. Meaning that the keyword appears as a link. We call it a text link.

Studies have shown that text links supported by the keyword (Anchor Text) have a much stronger effect than those of regular links.

So you have to take great care in getting the Backlink as an Angkor Text. Especially since the development of Google known as Google Penguin (Google Penguin) does the analysis and liquidation of the backlinks obtained by the sites. It identifies and strictly penalizes sites that use black hat seo technology.

For example, there is a website owner who purchases the guest post in another site and submits the article written at the end (for more information click here .. or visit my site through the following link … etc.) These links are considered by Google as spam.

So your use of the Anchor Text makes Backlink valuable and in a White Hat SEO style.

The third characteristic: Backlink from a website in a domain related to your website domain

If your site is related to sports, do not build a backlink from a technology-related website, because if you do that, you do the search engines clearly and frankly. I do Black Hat SEO.

The third characteristic of a strong and influential backlink is that it is on sites or pages whose content are completely related to your website domain.

Search engines give the site that owns Backlink sites related to the field highly ranked in search engines, so be sure to choose the sites that build backlinks.

Fourth characteristic: Link bears the character of Dofollow , Nofollow

There are two types of link (Nofollow Dofollow ).

Dofollow link: It is the one that allows search engine spiders to enter this link and archive its content when these spiders enter and index the site.

Nofollow link: It holds the nofollow attribute to prevent indexing spiders from accessing this link and archiving its content.

The nofollow attribute, when present in the link structure, is a direct command for indexing spiders not to index this link. So indexing spiders always treat the nofollow as a regular word.

So the difference between the Dofollow link and the nofollow link is that the dofollow Backlink passes the power and enrichment of the site to you, while the nofollow does not pass the power and effect of the site to you. So make sure that the backlink you are building has Dofolo.

important note: Backlink The nofollow is not so bad as I understand it from now … It is also important and it is calculated in the Backlink profile for your site, but your benefit from it is only to obtain targeted visitors and calculate it within the Backlink profile.

However, it is recommended to build a nofollow Backlink , but in a little way it does not need to give it much importance. You will find nofollow Backlink easily through:

  • Blog Comments
  • Paid ads
  • Press releases
  • Links in the pages of social media

Fifth Characteristic: Backlink from a site that has not given you backlink before

If A site gives you backlink on one of its pages, good news, but if it gives you another link on another page and another on another page … even if it gives you a thousand backlinks. Regardless of this being spam. However, the first Backlink is the strongest and most valuable.

In short, the first backlink from this site for your site is the best backlink you can get, the rest is not as strong as the first backlink.

More precisely … that you get 10 Backlink links from 10 sites with one link link, one from each site is much better than a thousand Paklink from only one site.

The summary in this section for the Backlink to be powerful and influential has to be

1- From a strong, famous, and highly influential website.

2- Anchor Text with the target keyword.

3- From a site or a page whose content is related to the content of your site.

4- Dofollow Backlink .

5- From a site that has not given you Backlink before.

How to build Backlink for free and effortlessly?
(Backlink Magnet)

There is no doubt that the best way for White Hat SEO is to earn a Backlink instead of building it. But how do I earn backlinks for free and without effort? I fully understand that this question is now in your mind … Do not worry, I will answer you now.

The best solution is to have a magnet that attracts these Backlink . This magnet may be just an article on your site, a video, a program, a survey, a test … anything that could attract website owners to write about you and put a Backlink on your site.

In most cases, the backlink magnet will be just an article on your site. So how do you convert this article to a Backlink magnet?

The matter is very simple .. All you have to do is do a deep search about the keyword you want to target, read and analyze the content of the pages that appear in the first 10 search results in search engines such as Google and others.

Give more attention to these ten pages. What aspects do you cover on the topic in which you want to target the keyword? Number of words per page, page layout and layout. Thus, until you come up with an idea of ​​how to present the best thing on your profile.

Then look more at how to add more to this information, cover more aspects, how to better format and design a page, and so on.

Then start implementing a page that is better than all ten pages combined. With this, he produced a better article that meets all aspects of the topic and so on.

Repeat this command at least once a week. To have 4 articles per month.

The idea of ​​a Backlink magnet may be like this and it may be a new idea that no one has done before so be creative and developing your field.

I will write a comprehensive guide on how to write an article that leads the search engines. And I put you his link here, God willing.

Methods of building a tried backlink (White Hat SEO)

There are many ways to build a Backlink , but first you need to provide great content that sites deserve to put a Backlink on. For this I presented the third section before this section. The phrase “content is king” did not come out of the blue.

In this section, I will give you some proven ways to build Backlink with White Hat SEO techniques.

Link Roundups Building Strategy

There are news-like sites that create articles only to link them to sites with trust and valuable content. These sites are called Roundup sites

Round-up may be daily, weekly, or monthly, and it is a single post that includes many important news or events.

Now, let’s move on to how to build a backlink from roundabout.

Search for rhubarb in your site, you can search using this method:

“Keyword” + “Link Roundup”

“Keyword” + Roundup

“Keyword” + “Best of

“Keyword” + This week

“Keyword” + This month

Then collect these sites and communicate with their owners, do not ask them to put Paklink directly on your site.

But just a word, thank him for his great effort in the last post that he did, that you read it carefully and follow it, and advise him to continue this wonderful work. Finally, tell him that you recently wrote such an article about such and asked if this post is good enough to be included in the next rhubarb. Then thank him and finish the message.

Don’t disturb him with more messages if he doesn’t answer. In most cases, you may send 200 e-mails to 200 different websites, and in the end you may earn less than 20 Paklink only.

Do not beg for a site owner to put a backlink to your site, this method is useless. It does not benefit her at all.

The Moving Man’s Strategy for Backlink Building

The mobile man technology is very simple, all you have to do is search for closed sites in your field or the sites that have changed their domain domain. And analyze their Pak Lake profile, and see the sites that gave them Pak Link.

Collect these sites and write to them, tell them that the content they provided is great, but they have within this content a link that does not work for an old company that closed or moved and left this domain. Let them know that you have valuable content you recently created and that they can change the old link that does not work with your link to your page.

Some will respond and agree to change the link easily, while many may refuse or just ignore your message.

And again, you do not have to bother the owners of these sites by sending you more messages.

It’s that simple.

Broken Links strategy for building a link back

This method is very similar to the mobile man method, the difference is that you search for missing pages (404 pages). Most of the sites now have missing pages .. How many times have you visited a page in a site to be surprised by the code 404 in front of you !!

In your search for these pages you will not see the pages that appear in the mobile man technology. So to search for the 404 page links you just have to use these terms in the search.

“Fitness” + “resource page”
“Fitness” + “resources”
“Fitness” + “recommended sites”
“Fitness” + “links”

You will find many pages, and all you have to do is communicate with the owners of these sites, and offer them help by telling them that these pages are no longer working, and tell him that you have better alternatives (links to related pages on your site) that he can use.

Do not tell him, can you replace these links with my site links, this method will not help. Instead, talk to him in the form of a helping hand. Like this template below:

Hello (the name of the site owner),

Your site (site name) offers more than awesome content, I follow you with passion.

Today I read on your site an article (article title) + (article link). But I found one of the links inside the article not working.

By the way I have a site that also provides information about this field, I think you can replace links that do not work with these links: (article title) + (article link).

I wish you all the best, keep up the great work.

(Your Name)
(Your site’s name)

Backlinks Building Strategy: Edu backlinks

Educational sites that have the .edu extension have an extraordinary force in raising the ranking of sites in the search engines, you should seek to get Backlink from these sites. Here’s how.

Many universities have pages called Resources Pages, and universities publish links to pages that provide information that will help their students.

If you have a page on your site that provides valuable information, you should contact the universities and colleges associated with the specialization of this page. You tell them you have an information page that they can use as a helpful resource for students.

To find universities with a resource page, use any of the following methods to find them via search engines:

site: .edu “your keyword”
site: .edu “your keyword” + “resources”
site: .edu “your keyword” + inurl: links
site: .edu “your keyword” + “other sites”

Only 10% of these sites may respond and publish your site link, it does not matter, do not worry, only a few of these links can make an unusual difference in the ranking of your site’s results.

Guest Post strategy

The Guest Post is literally one of the strongest strategies for building a backlink, especially if the link is from large sites with high leverages and little spam. Many SEO experts prefer this strategy.

And now to the method ,,,

I write a very good article in your field, and the word very good here means a lot, in short I write an article that no website owner can reject.

Search for sites that accept articles from visitors, contact them and tell them you have a good article they can post. However, they are required to include the link to your site in the Anchor Text article.

But to be frank with you, if you do this way with 100 sites, only 5% of them or less may agree and without any compensation, while 80% will agree if you pay for my money, while the remaining 15% may read the mail and do not answer. They do not read it from the ground. But even if only 5% agree. This will be enough to see great improvements in your site’s ranking.

Customer certification strategy

There are thousands of companies on the Internet that love to display their customers ’testimonials about their products or services, even we at SEO love to display our customers’ certificates. And these companies like it because customer testimonies motivate potential customers from purchasing these products or services.

& # x628; & # x627; & # x643; & # x644; & # x64A; & # x646; & # x643; & # x645; & # x646; & # x634; & # x647; & # x627; & # x62F; & # x627; & # x62A; & # x627; & # x644; & # x639; & # x645; & # x644; & # x627; & # x621;

Why not search for these companies and communicate with them that you are willing to write a good evaluation for them? Who can refuse an offer like this ?!

Look for these companies, but be very selective and choose the best sites, and if it is necessary that you buy this product only in order to put an evaluation for them and earn a backlink from it for your site, what is the problem ?, then do so if the link really deserves.

But be careful not to place a link to a page on your site, put the link of your site itself to Anchor Text itself the URL.

Thus there are many strategies for building a link, and it seems that every field on the Internet has different opportunities from others. The strategies of each field differ from the other. The important thing in the end is to have a strong backlink that can make a great difference in your site’s ranking in search engines.


Now it’s your turn

Did I give you something useful today? Tell me in the comments, your opinion on this guide, and if you have an inquiry, I am glad to answer you immediately.

If you share this guide to your friends interested in SEO. It means a lot to me. And I see it as the best appreciation of my efforts in directing this work to the greatest possible benefit.

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