The Importance of the Long Tail with Keywords and Phrases

So what does this all  mean? 

Many bloggers and online publishers are obsessed with being on page one for a certain keyword, and they forget about the Long Tail.  I have a client, a plumber, who wanted to be on Page One of Google for BEST CHICAGO PLUMBER. And we got him there. And he gets about 50 hits a month  for that word.  But his Long Tail, he gets over 300 hits for about 250 keywords! That is the long tail in action!

One recent study shows that even if your site is optimized for the top 100 keyword phrases in your niche, you are still missing 94% of the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

The reason you’re missing so much potential traffic is because most people don’t search for short keyword phrases. They search for what is called long tail phrases.

One big advantage of long tail keyword phrases is that they include the short phrase within the long tail phrase, so you’re getting two birds with one stone.

Another big advantage of optimizing for long tail keyword phrases is that when someone searches using a long phrase, they are describing exactly what they want and they are ready to buy.

Bottom line: Write and post more pages of text on your website (at least, one new page a week).
Have a unique keyword-rich Title tag for each page and have 300 to  500 words of high-quality, keyword-rich text on each page.

Do this and you could soon see 10  times more visitors to your site — and these will be highly motivated viewers.

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