SEO 2020 | The comprehensive guide for publishing search results

SEO 2020 is very different from before, so to ensure the search results are at the top, whatever your experience in SEO, you need to read this guide in order to compete in search engines.

To read this guide, you need to focus a little .. A cup of coffee will do the trick.

The first section: Rank Brain and SEO ranking mechanisms

What does Google rely on in ranking search results?

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Google Rank Brain

Google made a very important statement recently, stating that the Rank Brain, just a few months after its launch, has become the third most important way in its algorithms, and it relies on it very heavily to rank search results on the first page.

Since a giant search engine that controls more than 85% of global searches made this statement, it seems that Rank Bran will play a big role in the coming period.

What is Rank Brain? How do I benefit from it to work for me and not against me?

What is Rank Brain?

Rank Brain or (Search Engine Ranking Mindset) is a modern software developed by Google to work within its algorithms to help it rank search results more accurately in order to judge the quality of sites and choose the best ones to reach the highest results.

To simplify the matter more easily, Rank Brain measures how satisfied the search engine users are with the results that they have seen when they search a word, and based on how satisfied they are and how they choose the best result for them, they rank the search results accordingly.

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And the job of Rank Brain is to arrange the results on the first page, which one deserves the first result, which one deserves the third result, which one deserves the tenth result, and which one deserves to be completely expelled from the first page. To do this task, it depends on the user’s behavior. Why press this result? And how much time did he spend there? Did he return to do the same search again and choose another result or not?

Let’s say, for example, that you did a search in Google for “how to make coffee ” for example, and it behaved automatically, so I clicked on the first result directly, but once I entered the site I found scattered or uncoordinated content or did not find the information you were searching for from the ground up. I pressed the back button again and tried the second result. I found what you were looking for and spent three minutes reading the content of this page.

Here, Rank Brain wonders why the user returned again to the search results after a few seconds in the first result, and how much time did he spend in the second result? Finally he concludes that the user was not satisfied with what he found in the first result but found what he was looking for in result number 2.

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Sort the search results according to the Rank Brain measurements

The result after this science is that the site in the second position deserves to be promoted to result number 1, and the site found in result number 1 should be reduced in order of results.

And if the process is repeated this way more than once, then this means that the site that was in result No. 1 does not deserve to lead on the first page mainly on the word “how to make coffee” and so on.

If we conclude from all of this that the rank Brain depends on how satisfied the user is with the result he has chosen. And that Rankin depends on the result click rate and we call it “CTR” and the user’s average time on the site and we call it “Dwell Time.”

CTR click rate and its role in SEO 2020

At one of the conferences, a Google engineer named Paul Haahr stated that if Rankin Bran felt that there is some result on the first page of search engines that receives a higher click rate than the rest of the results, then certainly Branke will raise the ranking of this result to top the search results.

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This is a truism, because in your opinion, why would Google keep you in the seventh result, for example, when you receive a higher rate of clicks, and vice versa, why would Google keep you in the first result but not receive clicks or the rate of clicks less than the rest of the results of the first page?

Dwell time

International time in its most simplistic sense is how much time the user takes on your site after clicking on the search result for your site. Rank Ranks pay much attention to the average visit time. Google has also announced that Rank Brain uses Dwell Time to rank the results of the first page.

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And based on the statements of Google, the SEO experts made a special study on the international time and in this study they measured the time spent by the visitor on the sites on the first page on a very large number of keywords.

The results of the study were amazing, as the results were all summarized in one sentence “The lowest rate of time spent by a visitor in the best search results is three minutes and 10 seconds.” Of course, this is not an accident that all the sites of the first page did not have a visit rate less than 3 minutes and 10 seconds Rather, it increased in many words about that, but did not fall below this rate.

Now it has become clear why many sites have lost their ranks in search engines and other sites have stepped up instead of them after recent Google updates. Google does not take the issue personally with the sites. Rather, all it interests is to provide the best possible service to search engine users. This is the secret that made it the best search engine on the planet. If not at the level of the galaxy.

If we now have two ways to overcome Rank Brain, the CTR and the Dwell Time, the goal here is to attract the customer to click on the results of our site and make him spend more time on the site to ensure we can overcome Rank Brain. How can we do that?

To find out how to beat Rank Rank and occupy your site for the first result, I wrote a special guide for you: Reaching Score # 1 using Rank Brain Hope it helps you in your goal.

And now for the second section … read on

The second section: content is king

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Why do you think this word was said by 90% of the SEO experts and they always repeat it? What is the secret of the content and why is the king?

Although Google has provided many and many updates to the algorithms ranked search results, the best content is always the one who wins. So how can we make every word in the content of our website pages truly valuable? How do we improve the content of SEO?

This section will look at the content and everything related to it. Continue reading.

SEO 2020: Content Improvement

The last seo was easier than the seo 2019, especially when it comes to content. In the past, Google used to analyze the content of your site in search of keywords, how many times it was mentioned in the content, and where the keyword was mentioned, such as the title, the content, the internal addresses, and the link.

Now Google is using more sophisticated algorithms and has changed the SEO look a lot. It is still important to mention the keyword in the same places with reasonable, unobtrusive spread, but indexing spiders are now smarter than before.

Indexing spiders now no longer search only for the keyword, but also for the keyword and its related words. That is, you need to cover all aspects of the topic in the content of your page in order to top the search results.

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According to SEO studies, Google wants to make it easier for its users in all-in-one technology. Meaning that in order to be able to raise your ranking in search results by SEO 2019, you have to provide comprehensive content in one place. Meaning, you have to cover all aspects of the topic you are talking about.

For example, if you are writing an article about breast cancer, do not just write “the definition of breast cancer” and do not limit yourself to “causes of breast cancer”. You should write everything related to cancer, such as its definition, causes, symptoms, treatment, and ways to avoid it. All this on one page. These are the milestones of SEO content optimization in 2019

How can I improve the content for SEO 2020?

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The goal of optimizing your content is to reach Google Score # 1

The first step: research

If you want to write an article or the content of a page, you should search well and collect all the necessary information, which is the keyword and the words and phrases derived from it. Here is this guide How to write an SEO-compatible article 2020.

The second step: planning

Begin planning how to format this content, how to distribute keywords, and outline a content. Do not bother with frequent publishing, especially if it is not a news site. Pay more attention to the quality of the article presented on your site, so it may take more than 3 days for one article from you.

Do not worry, the guide that you are reading now until this sentence has cost me more than 3 business days 3-4 hours per day.

We do not want to work with the machine gun technology, as we fire a thousand bullets in the hope that one of them will hit the target. Why do not we shoot only one bullet hit the target? This is our goal now.

So whether you have a writing team or write your own website content, you definitely need to save your effort and money in something useful.

The third step: the number of words of the article

Always make sure that the articles of your site are not less than 2000 words, but of course without extra stuffing it does not make sense and wastes your time, effort or money, and the satisfaction rate of your site’s user is also lost.

According to the seo studies that were done on some keywords, it appeared that long articles (such as this guide) overcame short articles. Although both parties are interested in the same keywords and distributed correctly.

Step 4: Write correct and documented information

As I told you previously do not use overstuffing, make each word have value and use the links to refer to references. You will not lose anything if you add your references, but you will gain the confidence of (search engines, user, the same reference).

There is a great saying that “attribute knowledge to its people” or “blessing of knowledge attributed to its people.” The other person from whom the information was obtained will not look better than you. By granting you Pak Link to him in your article, you will not lose anything.

If your competitor himself is better than you and draws information from him, make it a reference. What hurts you about that !! I have seen in the Arab world a strange culture, which is, why do I give a website a link? What is the problem with that? !!

I saw a lot of people posting a posted post, for example, on Facebook and not mentioning the real person to look better. (Not to mention publishing a completely stolen article on your site without even mentioning the main source). A very strange culture and I do not respect anyone who does that at all.

Step Five: Use Google Suggestions for the words associated with the keyword.

Title Full description of this paragraph. When you do a search that precedes your writing of the article, you will find that Google itself has begun to give you other suggestions for your search.

& # x625; & # x642; & # x62A; & # x631; & # x627; & # x62D; & # x627; & # x62A; & # x62C; & # x648; & # x62C; & # x644;

Google Suggestions, appears under the search box when you start the search process book.

Example of words related to the search: Why don’t you use these suggestions for content building? Imagine if you include all of these keywords for your page content and provide something useful like this that includes all aspects … Why might Google keep you at the end of the search pages?

& # x627; & # x644; & # x643; & # x644; & # x645; & # x627; & # x62A; & # x627; & # x644; & # x645; & # x631; & # x62A; & # x628; & # x637; & # x629; & # x628; & # x639; & # x645; & # x644; & # x64A; & # x629; & # x627; & # x644; & # x628; & # x62D; & # x62B;

The words associated with the search

Step Six: Use expressive images related to the content of the page and don’t forget the video, too

Your use of images in the content contributes to two things: The first is to attract the attention of the user and reduce the opportunity for boredom and its deadly impact on the user and thus on the international time and on the site itself.

The second is to simplify the idea more clearly for the user. Your use of images makes it easier for content to gain greater access to the user’s mind. He made the idea clearer and adopted a link in his mind between the content and the idea.

& # x62A; & # x623; & # x62B; & # x64A; & # x631; & # x627; & # x644; & # x635; & # x648; & # x631; & # x639; & # x644; & # x649; & # x627; & # x64A; & # x635; & # x627; & # x644; & # x627; & # x644; & # x641; & # x643; & # x631; & # x629;

Pictures help convey the idea of ​​the content.

So the video, too, even if it was embedded from YouTube from a channel that you have nothing to do with, but it offers the same content. We have previously mentioned in the Guide to Optimizing Doyle Time that video plays a big role in improving Doyle Time (the average amount of time a visitor spends on your site).

The seventh and final step: optimize the content for Google funds.

Google is not competing with you by using answer boxes and excerpts boxes. So you can use this feature to increase your click rate and thus you get to # 1 result. More information about Google funds I will write to you soon and transfer it to you to join SEO 2019.

& # x635; & # x646; & # x627; & # x62F; & # x64A; & # x642; & # x62C; & # x648; & # x62C; & # x644;

Google boxes

Now, let’s move on to the third section …

Section Three: Mobile website optimization is one of the most important factors of SEO 2020

Is your site working efficiently on mobile?

& # x633; & # x64A; & # x648; 2019, & # x646; & # x633; & # x62E; & # x629; & # x627; & # x644; & # x645; & # x648; & # x628; & # x627; & # x64A; & # x644;

A few months ago, millions of website owners received a message from Google about “providing the ability to archive the mobile first” and this means that Google has begun to consider that the mobile version of any site is the original version of the site. Even if the researcher uses a Desktop device to search, not the mobile phone.

What does this mean? It means that if you are providing mobile content and content for the desktop, then you are very late to catch up with SEO 2019, as more than 60% of searches are now done on mobile.

In any case, whatever your old strategies, you need to prepare and start caring for the mobile.

How do I make my site compatible with all types of phones?

To make your site compatible with phones of all kinds, you must follow three simple steps that are in order: adjusting your site design to be responsive to all screen sizes, not creating different content for the mobile than the desktop, and improving the user experience over phones. I will show you details about each step .. read on

Step 1: Converting the site to Responsive (Responsive)

There are a lot of website owners using a special version for mobile, including Facebook itself uses a special version for, this no longer works for SEO 2019.

Now Google is the mobile version is the basic version of the site, so you have to convert to (Responsive Screen), meaning to make your site respond to all the screens of all sizes.

Step 2: Provide the same content and design for both phones and desktops

Mobile First

Do not provide special content for the desktop and different content for smartphones, provide the same content for the two. Now Google considers mobile content to be the basic version of the site.

And try as much as possible not to use the accordion feature, as the closed accordion in SEO 2019 and earlier does not allow indexing spiders to archive the content inside, especially on smartphones. And for those who do not know the accordion and may encounter you one day and want to add it to your site, this is an example of an accordion and the form may differ:

& # x62E; & # x627; & # x635; & # x64A; & # x629; & # x627; & # x644; & # x623; & # x643; & # x648; & # x631; & # x62F; & # x64A; & # x648; & # x646;

You may wonder if the accordion is harmful to archive the site, why use it on your services pages? The answer is simply that the accordion feature is not harmful to archive the site as I understand it, but the accordion content is not being archived. So if you need it and don’t care about archiving the content inside, there is no problem using it.

I used it for my website in service pages as a section for common questions about the service. I am not interested in archiving the accordion content. There is no harm in using it. The same applies to Tabs.

The third and final step: Ensure that the site performs the same performance on phones

Make absolutely sure that your site performs the same performance and is easy to handle and delivers the best user experience, spacing between words, spreading links and buttons and making sure that the user does not need to zoom in to see the content.

By providing the best user experience, the user will not feel bored early, exit your site and search for another result. Even if your site is better than your competitor in the search results, but the user needs to zoom in to see the content or click on a link. You will lose this user. A psychological link may arise that this site cannot be used on the phone.

Now we move on to the fourth section … read on

Section 4: The Importance of Videos in SEO 2020

& # x641; & # x64A; & # x62F; & # x64A; & # x648;

Do you support your video content? If your answer is no … you are too late to catch up with SEO in 2020.

Why is the video important in SEO ??

There is a study done by Cisco . Its results say that the video in 2021 will be the largest source of traffic (visitors) by up to 80% … Can you imagine that? Personally, I am not surprised that YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world even before Bing himself.

Although there are a lot of videos in YouTube, there is still a lot to be presented in the video world. So very briefly, if you are not interested in presenting the video then you are very late and you will not keep up with the evolution.

The world is now watching more videos and each year is recording a 60% increase compared to last year. So if you want to obtain a traffic for your site, you should pay attention to the video. I advise you to use YouTube and start creating a channel for your website.

Google now, when it leads to search results for its users, it adds 55% of the total searches. Of course, the vast majority of the videos that appear in Google search come from YouTube alone. So you should take care of YouTube. This percentage will definitely increase in 2020.

In fact, Google even began to display images from the videos themselves in the image search engine.

& # x627; & # x644; & # x641; & # x64A; & # x62F; & # x64A; & # x648; & # x648; & # x627; & # x644; & # x633; & # x64A; & # x648;

How can I benefit from the video in SEO 2020?

If people want more videos then why not give them what they are looking for? This is why I mentioned earlier in this guide and when I talked about international time in an article that publishes search results using Rank Brain, you should use a video related to the content of the page and include it on the page.

Embedding a linked video on the page gives you a strong SEO boost and doubles the visitor time on your site for a longer period.

Now let’s move on to the fifth section …

Section Five: Voice Search and SEO 2020

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Improve your site for voice search. The future of search engines

Voice Search seems to be the future of SEO in 2020. Here are these important facts …

  • 41% of smartphone users use Voice Search feature at least once per day.Source
  • To this day, voice search has increased 35-fold since 2008.Source
  • 20% of smartphone users only use voice search instead of regular search.Source

How to improve SEO Voice Search?

If you really care about SEO, you have to take it seriously and immediately start improving SEO for your voice search …

& # x62E; & # x627; & # x635; & # x64A; & # x629; & # x627; & # x644; & # x628; & # x62D; & # x62B; & # x627; & # x644; & # x635; & # x648; & # x62A; & # x64A;

  • In principle, your content should be really leading the search results in the first three results, because Google always uses the first 3 results only.
  • The content of your site must already be visible in Google’s answer boxes.
  • Enter the questions and answers system on your site.
  • If your website is commercial or services activity you will need a page
  • Improving your site speed helps a lot in SEO voice search.
  • The SSL Certificate plays a huge role in SEO Voice Search.
  • Google prefers short answers, good words and less.

More on this topic later in another article, God willing. As soon as I write it, I will link it here


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