Outsourcing Communications

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Think about how much time you spend on the phone each day. It’s a lot of time, isn’t it? Did you realize that every minute you or your employees spend on the phone is potentially lost productivity and lost revenue?

That’s only part of the problem though. Most businesses are only open for a certain number of hours per day. After that, the lights are turned off and everyone goes home. If a customer tries to call you after that, they’ll either get redirected to voice mail or no response at all. Even worse, they may be redirected to your personal phone, meaning that your time off is not really time off.

It’s not fair to you or your family if you are constantly being interrupted by business calls at home or while on vacation. Fortunately the legendary entrepreneur Reuben Singh has developed a solution that solves all of these problems.

The service is called alldayPA and what they do is answer your phone for you. The best part is they do it in a way that is totally seamless with your business, so customers are not even aware that their call is not going directly to your company.

This is no ordinary phone service. It is a service that provides all the benefits of having a real PA working around the clock for your company, except you only pay for the time they actually spend working for you. That means you can save money, boost your productivity, and get back your personal time.

The benefits of outsourcing are much more than you probably realise. For example, did you know that 7 out of 10 callers won’t leave a voicemail message and won’t call you back if they don’t get through? That is quite a lot of business to be losing!

Customer service is the most important thing your business provides. Your products and other services are secondary, because they are not the primary things that customers will remember you for. Great customer service is always good for your business. Conversely bad customer service can really hurt you.

When your business communications are outsourced to a competent and reliable company, you can be certain that the reputation of your business will remain intact. Professional customer service representatives will handle your calls for you at any time of the day or night and make sure the customer is left with a good impression.

This way your business is always available to the public and you can really grow your customer base. It’s also much less expensive than employing workers directly.

The other perhaps less obvious advantage of communications outsourcing is that it frees you from your desk. Business today is done on a global scale. That means to truly give your business the best opportunity you need to become a global entrepreneur.

With outsourced communications, you are free to travel anywhere in the world, and you know that your calls are being answered and if necessary routed to you, no matter where you are. It’s the better way to do business, and there is no downside to it. It’s all gain.

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