5 blogging mistakes to avoid

Everyone makes mistakes, for everything and in any field. It’s part of life and blogging is no exception. You could say that it is in the learning process and that it is what allows us to evolve and improve. What’s also interesting is that the experience of others can help us avoid the blogging mistakes that we all tend to make.

Our beginner’s mistakes can have an impact on our blog, and that may be what will make the difference between a passionate blogger and one who is not. Because taking the time to understand what’s wrong and making the effort to work on it is not given to everyone. Whether you are new to blogging or not, here are a few blogging mistakes to avoid in my opinion. I want to make it clear that these are my recommendations and that there is no one way to do it. You are free to do as you wish, these are simply my recommendations from my experience

1. Write a little random

Regular blogging and content that matches your personality and your passions means planning a minimum. I don’t believe in niches. For me it is quite possible to write on different themes and have a blog that is successful. But besides that I think that tackling 3 different themes is enough. Spreading too much will not allow you to attract more people, on the contrary, you will have trouble defining your audience.

If you post content on your blog only on a whim and you don’t think about it and do a little feeling, your readers will be a bit lost. Irregularity and unpredictability are not qualities. If you want to create a blog that has a solid foundation and have repeat readers, you have to make efforts to. It means being consistent and regular. If your articles are random in terms of content and timing, why would people keep coming? It’s as if tomorrow I published an article on knitting, then the day after tomorrow on pastry, and then on graphics or sports… People who come for my lifestyle, blogging or travel articles would be surprised!

2. Don’t network

This is something that I find important and very rewarding. Blogging alone in your corner is not easy. Being part of a supportive and supportive community can bring a lot. So do not hesitate to support yourself between bloggers. Respect the work of others, comment on their articles, their publications on the networks … Simply discuss.

We need friends in the blogosphere. Whether to promote certain content, set up projects, or just to stay motivated when you want to give up. It’s also having someone to talk to when you have questions or are unsure. When I decided to embark on the auto-entrepreneur adventure, I was happy to have people to ask questions, talk about my uncertainties or my mishaps. Having support is reassuring.

3. Promote your writings in the wrong way

Most of the time people post their new articles in Facebook groups of bloggers and that’s it. Does it really have an effect when you think about it? I do not think so, no. Promoting your blog means making a minimum of effort and thinking. Will sharing his new article on his latest nail polish tested create engagement with a Facebook group of bloggers? The answer is no. Or at least maybe on a small part of the members.

For what reasons ? Well simply because the Facebook groups of bloggers are made up of bloggers. So if you don’t cover a topic like blogging, it’s unlikely to interest them. Especially since most are only there for themselves to share their articles.

What you need to do is target your audience. That you target the people to whom you will share your content. The more you reach the right people, the more you will attract the right readers. Use Google+ and switch to Pinterest. One will help your SEO and the other will allow you to be actually read.

4. Not doing enough research

Many people assume that blogging is quite simple. That it is enough to create a site, to post then that success will be with go and that in 3 months you will be able to leave everything to launch your business. One of the most common blogging mistakes is not learning. To be a blogger is to be part of self-publishing, and it is therefore essential to familiarize yourself with good practices and legality.

You are not allowed to take a photo on Google Images or Pinterest and use it on your site, for example. They are not free of rights and this can cost you dearly. Yes, by that I mean financially.

Doing research is not limited to that. You have to ask yourself questions about everything related to your blog. What are the best practices for getting a good placement on Google? How to structure your article? What are the recommended dimensions for social networks? Do you have to have legal notices? General sales conditions? There are a lot of things that you need to be interested in at least for the proper functioning of your blog.

5. Do like the others

We all approach more or less the same subjects and this is completely normal. But that’s not a reason for our blog to look like others. What will set us apart from others is us and our personality. So don’t hesitate to express it. Through the way you approach a subject, the way you take photos, personalize your design …

Don’t be afraid to stand out and be yourself rather than be like the others. People are fed up with deja vu. Always keep in mind why you started your blog. What YOU love to do matters about everything else and tell yourself that your readers want to discover you and get to know you a little more.

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