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5 blogging mistakes to avoid

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Everyone makes mistakes, for everything and in any field. It’s part of life and blogging is no exception. You could say that it is in the learning process and that it is what allows us to evolve and improve. What’s also interesting is that the experience of others can

Local Blogging Specific Advice

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Basic good blogging practice is great for local blogs, for example write good content, but there are a few additional things to consider. 1) Pieces of Paper and Signs If you are a Brick-and-Mortar store, you’ve got some great resources to advertise your blog. You might mention your blog

Using Social Media Tools to Manage your Finances

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If you’re a small business owner, you’re most likely well aware of the importance of utilizingsocial media to drive traffic to your website and communicate with your clients. Yet thereare other online tools out there that can help you with the more technical financial aspectsof running a business. Whether

4 Tips for Managing your Ecommerce Business

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If you’ve decided to take the plunge and set up your own ecommerce business, but have no idea where to start, there are many tools available in the market these days to help you. It’s always a good idea to find ways to stay on task and manage your

The Importance of the Long Tail with Keywords and Phrases

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So what does this all  mean? Many bloggers and online publishers are obsessed with being on page one for a certain keyword, and they forget about the Long Tail.  I have a client, a plumber, who wanted to be on Page One of Google for BEST CHICAGO PLUMBER. And we got

Pageviews Impressions HITS and Unique Visitors

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I was chatting with someone the other day, a local plumber, who was bragging his site got 100,000  hits  per month. And he was so proud!  And I asked how many unique visitors he was getting, and he said  100,000!    WRONG.  Hits  do not =  Visitors.  A hit is

Blogging The Right Way

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If you are setting up an online business, or you are building a website to support your offline venture, then blogging is a great way of driving customers to your site. Doing so allows you to promote your products and connect with potential customers. However, blogging only works if

Outsourcing Communications

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Think about how much time you spend on the phone each day. It’s a lot of time, isn’t it? Did you realize that every minute you or your employees spend on the phone is potentially lost productivity and lost revenue? That’s only part of the problem though. Most businesses